1:1 coaching & counselling for individuals
Life coaching program for individuals / groups / corporate

Life Coaching Program –
for individuals, groups & corporate

A step by step 10 week journey towards transformation through the help of powerful tools and exercises complimented with meaningful discussions!


If you can identify yourself with atleast 4 statements below, this program is for you!

  • Are you dissatisfied with self or your life?
  • Do you regret something?
  • Are you stuck with making a decision that is crucial?
  • Do you have a guilt that is building up?
  • Are you bothered in a relationship?
  • Are you disappointed why things don’t work for you despite of all your efforts?
  • Are you in a good job but feel out of place or unhappy?
  • Are you fed up of certain behaviour or a habit that you are not able to give up?
  • Do you see certain limiting patterns in your life that you are clueless why they happen?
  • Are you stressed out with inter-personal conflicts at work that doesn’t seem to resolve?


Major challenges that corporate have around people are Performance, Inter-personal relationships, communication or the emotional baggage, be it personal or from their past professional experiences that limit them to be at their full potential.

Employees with these issues will more or less be able to check on the above list of statements as well.

A 10 week program customized for corporate, catering to all such issues that limit their employees to be their 100% is being offered with personal support and mentoring.