What my clients say .....!

“I was struggling with depression, social anxiety, panic attacks and a lot of other emotional situations in my life. I enrolled myself into a 3 month intense program with Reetu & she had been my coach, my guide and my support throughout. Sometimes things and circumstances are not in your favour, and so for certain people it’s difficult to understand what is going on in the other person’s life, that is one of the biggest things I was looking for, and that is what Reetu gave me, that understanding nobody else could.

The literal difference between Reetu and all other people around me was she never gave me sympathy, instead she always put me to work on my concerns for me to get better.

She understood me and helped me with my procrastination and adhd symptoms. I also learnt to push myself in the best manner possible with her help. “Things don’t change overnight, but things can start to change overnight. And it’s all up to you & you always have the choice” – is what she taught me. The fact that people don’t take you seriously because you don’t take yourself seriously is what she made me realize and work upon.

Reetu helped me sail through my pain and especially in the times of panic attacks, she was always just a call away to support me beyond her sessions with me. She made me introspect through her interesting exercises of the program. I am happy that I met her and she came into my life.”

Prabhnoor KaurStudent, Delhi

“I am delighted to share my extraordinary experience working with Ms Reetu my life coach, a truly remarkable individual who has profoundly impacted my life in ways I   never thought possible. Inspite of being professionally independent and happily married, I was not able to live my life with full enthusiasm and peace. The major part was that I was not aware that what I want and why I am so sad in my life. I was over-thinking, depressed and had no motivation to do anything with no clarity in life. Ms Reetu immediately put me at ease with their empathetic and non-judgmental approach.
I was never aware that these are my goals, I was just living with no clarity. She skillfully guided me in identifying and overcoming obstacles (Negative Beliefs and My baselines), allowing me to break through self-imposed limitations. Ms Reetu helps me to train our mind via which we can find more practical and fruitful action for our future.

She seamlessly integrates various coaching techniques, mindfulness practices, and tailored strategies that cater to individual needs. This approach not only facilitated my personal development but also promoted a sustainable and positive transformation in all areas of my life. She celebrated my successes, no matter how small, and provided constructive feedback during setbacks, fostering resilience and a growth mindset.

I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact Ms Reetu has had on my life. Today, I stand as a more self-aware, confident, and empowered individual, armed with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate life’s challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms Reetu to anyone seeking a transformative journey towards personal and professional fulfillment. Thank you, Ms Reetu, for being an exceptional guide on this incredible path of self-discovery and growth.”

Bhawna Jaiswal – Working professional, Delhi

“Reetu   supported   me to get unstuck in one of my personal situations, which was bothering me for quite a while. She very patiently listened to me and understood my stance. She asked specific, sharp, and challenging questions, which helped me to deeply reflect and uncover the uncomfortable and un-discussable. Post the discussion, I was inspired (and not pushed) to take an appropriate action based on various options explored. My conversation with her actually helped me to identify my own blind spots which needed to be worked on. Eventually, I got UNSTUCK    and felt FREE !

Thank You So Much Reetu for being a wonderful Coach !”

Priti PahwaTraining Professional, Delhi

“I was at my rock bottom and was seeking advice that could make my life better. On meeting Reetu, I realised that her perspective on life is a blessing. Rather than advising me, she instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness.  Reetu has made me realise that there is always a different perspective available to everything that is happening around & we always have a choice to decide what we want to focus on. She taught me to trust my inner voice & that the answers are within me. She always told me the truth & not what I wanted to hear that helped me see my life in a holistic approach. I definitely got sorted in many areas of my life after getting coached by her.”

Shikha Nagar | Enterprenuer, Delhi

“Thank you so much for your support and guidance throughout the complete sessions.

You helped us not only in strengthening our married life but also showed us a mirror to understand ourselves better. Before consulting you, we had lost all hopes but you made us realise that things are not yet over. You helped us to regain our healthy state of mind and also made us understand that we always have an option available with us. Last but not the least you also made us aware of each other’s efforts and see it in a positive way. 

Thanks once again for your patience and showing us a path to achieve our happy state of mind”

Pushkar & Prerna| (Couple) Corporate professional, Hyderabad


I’m thankful to Reetu Verma for being such a great coach, as I was struggling through depression and life of pain. She really guided me and helped me understand my self-worth and what I deserve in life and coached me through decision making, learning priorities and taking responsibilities in life. She is a humble soul who can guide you in any situation. God bless her.”

 Mayank JadiyaMusic Director – Mumbai


You get a person who is compassionate, sorted and has seen a lot in life – highly recommended for your transformational journey!”

Ketan Krishna | Corporate professional, Bangalore

My journey about knowing myself better would be incomplete without Reetu. She has been an excellent coach and mentor throughout the designed program. Her listening skills, emotional intelligence and empathy helped me understand my issues in a better way. I would highly recommend her guidance for emotional breakthroughs. 

Deepak Taneja | Working Professional – Delhi


“Reetu has helped with a systematic approach, tools and techniques to channelise my thoughts, beliefs and codes. Sessions with her have drastically changed my outlook and mindset in various areas of life, especially in relationships, health and career and made me realise the power of choice at every step of my life. She has helped me to Focus on myself and regain the lost confidence in self..

Reetu has been instrumental in my journey of understanding self and has always encouraged to break the comfort zone and provided insights to have clarity always and her attitude and approach and words of wisdom always provided direction even in the darkest hour.

Reetu possesses sharp clarity and wisdom on how success can be achieved by embedding intelligent changes in the daily life and achieving the goals. May she keeps working like a catalyst in the transformation of millions of people.”

Ajeet Singh | Chartered Accountant, Delhi

“For a number of months, I have been having some limitations in respect of my overseas career. You helped me identify and list out the same.  Moreover, my outcomes are now clear and I now have complete clarity on the whole issue and a clear action plan. Not only do you have an awesome knack of grasping issues, but you are an authority in understanding people and their vision.  My sincere thanks to you!”

Venkat BalantrapuFounder & CEO, Mauritius

“I have been lucky enough to get a chance to have a transformational life coaching session with Reetu Verma and It was an amazing experience. She is clear headed, strong and helps you get the clarity according to your needs and wants.”

Bhavya KalraCorporate professional, Canada

I was living with enormous unknown fears, but after having session with Reetu, I realised that it didn’t matter what I had externally or physically but what really matter was what I believed internally. This was known to me before I spoke with her but most important is she helped me imbibe it into me in a practical way.

Omkar PawarCorporate professional, Pune


“Reetu is a confident, content and is consciously aware of who she is. This helps her to be calm, composed, a good listener and a wonderful coach. She has a way to lower the guards of the coachee which allows them to make breakthroughs and get on the path to achieve the desired outcomes.

She has helped me in certain aspects of my life including understanding of relationship with others and with self. To me, she continues to be a good listener and a great coach & a counsellor. Having her as a coach and mentor has most definitely showed me ways to improve and make my life better.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends and colleagues who want to be coached and continue to get better in various aspects of their life. I wish Reetu continued success in her coaching career and whatever she endeavours to achieve in future. Thank your Reetu”

Vikin KhoslaMarine Engineer, Delhi



“I was struggling through some family relationship issues. Initially I was little worried to express my feeling because I had never done it in the past with anyone. But after meeting with Reetu, she impressed me very much with her positive Aura and hence the comfort & trust was created automatically that she could surely help me out for the problems which I was facing from so long. There were things that I discovered I was doing but was not aware of the impact on my relationship & my family members.

Talking to Reetu was like talking to myself, can’t explain the experience in words because as I said it was for the first time I was talking like that.

There were some unanswered questions in myself which she helped discover quite easily. I used to think that no one could overpass me but she did it so easily with her strength & conduct which helped me knowing myself better, understand my role in my situation and find a solution to it.”

Alok Seth | Sales Professional, Delhi

“As my life coach, Reetu’s clarity on my learning and development objectives, helped me effectively establish boundaries and build trust in my relationships. She was patient and followed through on promises.
Reetu is a great coach and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the progress she’s helped me make in my life. I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without her support.”

Rina Sharma | COO- NGO, Delhi


“Reetu is sorted person and a patient listener. Seeking transformation under her guidance is like getting complete clarity in life. She goes that extra mile to help people emerge out from their struggles. An excellent coach and a wonderful person.”

Ritika Dudeja – Corporate professional, Delhi