Despite of being intellectually aware, we tend to give into the situations that as per us are not conducive towards what we want in life or where we want to go. We start looking at it as failures and start allowing our energies into the limiting thoughts and beliefs that further limits our effort. That’s when we unconsciously get into a victim state of mind which is somehow a comfort zone for the human mind whether we realize it or not. It takes a very strong push, big inspiration, huge effort or a strong compulsive need to bring ourselves out of that state. This is where our dependency on external factors increases to be able to step up, which one may/may not always find timely or enough.

Life doesn’t guarantee you all that you desire – it has its own plans for you and it knows what’s best for you too. This doesn’t mean you don’t desire or become complacent with any initial outcome you get.  There’s never a final outcome. It’s a journey.

  • Universe (or whatever you may call it) may test you towards your commitment and hence be throwing challenges at you. So never give up until you know you have done what best you could have.
  • It may want you to learn some crucial lessons that are more essential for you in your life journey and hence be throwing challenges at you. There’s always some lessons in store –be it in success or be it in fall. Always pause and introspect what lesson is in it for you.
  • It may simply be leading you to what is truly meant for you and is in your best interest. Trust your journey and do not see any twist & turn as a failure…you may just being led!

Ultimately, you will always find what’s meant for you when you decide never to give up, putting efforts towards your pure intentions, learning at every step and keeping your state of mind in the zone of being unstoppable with a belief that your are being guided to what is best for you.