Missing the Drive!

Have you ever come across a situation where your car turns on but doesn’t start? Or despite having a good battery, it still doesn’t start? What causes this?

The most common causes could be a faulty starter or a faulty alternator that generates the power for your car’s electrical components, or the engine not getting at least one of the major components it needs to start – ie. Fuel, Air, Spark, or Compression.

What do you do?

You identify or seek help to identify the cause and provide the car with what it needs to keep moving. It requires occasional maintenance to keep a check & provide what it needs to keep running.

Human life is similar. It needs time to time check and maintenance. The mind or the body will start giving you signals before it breaks down.

A MISSING DRIVE in life also means some crucial element that’s required to keep you growing, moving, and living your life to its fullest may be missing or faulty.

Sit with yourself, look around, and look deep – is it a faulty starter? Inertia, procrastination?

Or a faulty alternator whose job is to convert chemical energy to electrical energy (chemicals/hormones leading to action)?

Or any of the major components of life that are a must but are missing in life? Those components could be your Physical health, life purpose, personal love life & relationship, and your environment – where & with whom you spend most of your time.

Lack of any of these will surely have an impact on your emotional & mental health as well. And guess what happens, the battery drains in the process of dragging yourself to survive without the balance.

What do you do? You do what you do with your car.

  1.  A jump start, also called a boost, is a procedure of starting a motor with a discharged battery by temporarily connecting it to the battery of another vehicle or some other external power source. So in a human case, connecting with someone whose energy can be used to charge yourself up and being surrounded with that energy until you boost up.
  2. Push or a Bump Start which is a way to start a car with a manual transmission by pushing it and then engaging the clutch in gear to turn over the engine to start the car when the battery is weak. In a human case, this is more like procrastinating and staying in inertia. And that basically means delaying the action. And the solution to this is ACTION itself without waiting for yourself to be feeling ready. Action for a short period puts you in a rhythm and breaks the inertia of delaying the action because you have already started. 
  3. And third, is looking around – is the climate or the environment damp & cold? Which basically means the energy you are mostly surrounded with. The people that you spend most of your time with, the issues you deal with throughout the day, the diet that you eat, the sleep that you get, the spark in the relationship with your significant one, the purpose of your life, your health – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Are you spending time in activities that rejuvenate and energize you, Are you doing things that are leading you to your purpose in life or is it completely missing, are you surrounded with love that boosts your energies and provides your soul, are you contributing service or support to someone in need? All of these are meaningful and crucial to keep you alive, and any of these missing will leave you feeling lifeless.

Awareness is the first step. So now that you are aware, what do you do about it – DIY or connect with an expert? 

Because a car with a dead battery and a human living, or I may say, existing lifeless is worth nothing!