Every human is a combination of the two dimensions, 2 energies – male and female and an equal combination is what brings out the real potential and power of human life. Considering male & female only as 2 genders is a sign of spiritual immaturity. Irrespective of the gender, one’s true form is that of Ardhnareshwar – a combination of Shiv (Male) & Shakti (Female) within the same body.

Our social conditioning that leads to certain beliefs and practice certain behaviours about the genders limits us to awaken our true power and this is true for both men and women. None is complete without the other dimension within self. Like a balance of left & right brain, logic and emotions, a balance of male and female energies within & respecting it for all is what resolves lots of issues in our lives and society. And that brings us real success and happiness in our personal development, relationships & careers.

In my view, International Women’s day is not about the gender, but it is about the SHAKTI (the power) within every human being. It’s a day to remind ourselves that a dimension or the female energy within ourselves need to be better awakened to have a good life. It’s a day to remind ourselves that there’s much more beyond the gender and that we need to change the way we have been taught to think and behave.

So, for our own success, let’s commit to awaken both energies within ourselves and start thinking beyond genders. Let’s oblige ourselves with a promise to become complete and the first step towards is to celebrate the woman within you & around you. Because when you respect and well-treat the women around you, the female energy inside you gets empowered. And when you do the other way around, the female energy within you weakens. And no true success is possible through an incomplete you.

Celebrate the Women in you around you!