Life is an emotion – You need to experience to understand.

Your situation can be challenging, but life is nothing else but how you perceive it…It is the meaning that you give to situations around you. Life in itself is only an experience that you have within.

You feel good- your life feels good, you feel sick- your life sucks, you feel miserable- your life feels miserable. The definition of your life becomes how you feel at that moment.

There are so many people out there who are living but have no LIFE in their life. Easy said than done may be, but it doesn’t mean not possible. Holding on to your chosen experience irrespective of your external situations is a conscious practice and effort. And it is possible.

Does this mean positive thinking? Not at all, because I don’t believe in just thinking positive. That itself doesn’t change anything in our life. What changes our life experience is being aware of yourself inside out, being realistically positive, being intelligent about your emotions & thoughts and having an ability to be wise to understand what you can change and what is it that you need to accept and adapt to.

We keep struggling with situations because deep inside we give so much of space to our egos and not accept that there are things that we may have no control over. We tend to believe that if we have to accept a situation, we lose or become small and hence our egos do not allow us to accept and adapt. Moreover, that rigidity only leads us to be more stressful & frustrated and actually losing on to life. We land up having complaints with life while ignoring our responsibilities & contribution to make our lives the way it is. We lack ownership.

Understand what is more important to you –

–         Your internal joy or how you perceive yourself to be seen by others?

–         Your sanity or complicated thought process?

–         Your stability & happiness with what you have or a continuous desperation for what may never give you a sense of fulfillment?

Define your happiness.

Define your life basis what gives you happiness and not what looks good to others.

Let your ego die and let your soul live.