Is it easy to ask for help? Try it for yourself and see how you find it.

You may see that your self-image of who you think you are comes in the way. The image that you want people to think you are comes in the way. And what happens is that you choose the unreal image over the life’s desire and stay where you were & even get worse – unhappy, longing, and struggling between who you are and who you pretend to be. Because deep down your reality echos and you continue suppressing it with noises of disbeliefs louder than it. And what you make people believe about you anyways doesn’t do any good to you in reality.

This is ego and this is what it does to you.

 Have you ever helped someone who had asked for help?

You may have felt great or empowered about yourself, but did you perceived him as weak? Its important to think how you think about the other seeking help from you.

There was a time when i used to find it difficult to accept that i needed help and ask for it. The reason for me was the conditioning of mind and the self image where by asking for help meant seeing myself small & weak. I never questioned it and never thought there was another option. But then I realized that i was not happy, was struggling and nothing was changing in my life. When i used to see someone effortlessly asking for help and then accomplish what they wanted to, i used to envy for how simple it was for them. I wanted to be one like them when i could ask and have what i wanted with no noises in my mind. When I felt stuck in life while struggling for things on my own that just didn’t work, I could see how my self-confidence started going down, how frustrated I started feeling for staying stuck at such a small step when all I needed was courage to ask for help but didn’t because of my false beliefs. I started aspiring to be one like those who could ask for help. It was a few times that I tried to make it my first time to ask someone for help & I realized that it took me strength, it took a lot of courage when finally I could. Fortunately, I was given that help and not made to feel small or obliged at all. Things started moving ahead smoothly and I realized I wasted so much of my time holding myself back for my ego. It was my own perception about myself that was limiting me. And it was only the first time that such an effort was required to break-free from my egoistic belief. Once you are through, the next steps become natural and effortless with practice.

However, the transition experience of where I was to who I wanted to be, helped me change the image of people with ability to ask for help. I started seeing them as strong and admirable for they have the strength to move beyond their egos, they have clarity of what is more important for them and make the right choices for themselves. They have the wisdom and strength to go beyond the noises in the mind, the unreal self image and the fears of how they would be perceived and achieve what they wanted to in life.

All you need to do is to re-define and decide. It is only we who have time to judge ourselves through critical parameters. No one else has. And if at all others do, that shouldn’t matter because that will only limit you from who & where you want to be.

If you help people but hesitate to ask for help, it is only your ego. Kill it – for it only needs one effort to get over the thin line and you are sorted