Haven’t we run enough to make our FUTURE brighter?

More money, a bigger house, expansive vacations, superior jobs & a never ending  race leaving behind what matters most to be attended to some day.

While 2020 showed us the mirror and brought us back on the ground to help us learn minimalism – that we don’t really need so much, it taught us to start seeing what truly adds meaning to life and what really means happiness, things that we had been putting off to experience at a later date some day.

Who knows the future – what would it hold for us? Would it be even there for us? Harsh truth – isn’t it? But we still run like crazy.

What is important and sure is our PRESENT moment.

There is nothing wrong in achieving better things for life but paying the cost of our present isn’t worth for what’s not even confirmed.

Let’s live in the moment; experience what we have already achieved and share it with our loved ones. Let’s invest in creating memories for ourselves and others.

Aren’t the memories of good times with those we value helped us survive the tough time? Didn’t they give us hope to get through this time? Didn’t the support and empathy of someone touch our heart?

2020 gave us great learning and 2021 is about applying it and practicing to make our lives more meaningful.

  • Let’s define what happiness means for us.
  • Let’s stop running a never ending marathon competing with others to prove ourselves better. A brisk walk taking along our loved ones would suffice.
  • And let us be a little more human and help others on the way.
  • And never forget to have gratitude for every little thing we have – Gratitude creates a sense of abundance and changes our focus from what we don’t have to what we have in life.

Wishing you a blissfully abundant year ahead!