A man with a net worth of 100 Million dollars doesn’t feel rich and happy & lives a life with vacuum because someone else has a net worth of 200 million dollars.

A man who found a job that pays him 5000 more than his last pay while he was hoping for atleast  Rs. 1000 per month increase in his pay feels rich because he is now able to fulfil his wants besides his needs and still save Rs. 2500 every month.

A child barefoot on the road been donated a pair of shoes with a hole in one, feels rich and happy because he will no longer be hurt or have to suffer the heat of the burning road.

Life will never be 100%. Your experience of life will be based on what you focus on – abundance or misery, reasons to be happy or reasons to feel victim.

  • The day we learn to see everything we have as a privilege and not our right, we would start experiencing happiness & bliss.
  • The day we learn to stop comparing ourselves to others, especially who we think have more than us, we would start experiencing contentment and abundance.
  • The day we learn to thank for what we have got (because we could not have had it too), we would start experiencing the power of gratitude, because we attract what we thank for.
  • The day we learn to give out to the world what we need for ourselves, we would start experiencing the power of universe that gives back manifolds what you give to the world.

Your state of mind is a magnet that attracts what it is – choose a mindset of abundance, happiness, gratitude and the same shall multiply in your life.

Define how much more is enough for you? Because without that, you will only keep seeking without enjoying what you have and that chase will be for life because you don’t know where to stop.

There’s a quote that I read which said, when your needs are less, you have more. This doesn’t mean the irony that people who need less get more. Unfortunatley that’s what usually people misunderstand of this. What this basically means is that when you are aware of your needs (and I mean needs), you will find anything over that as richness. Like that little boy who got the shoes – his need was to protect his feet from walking barefoot on the road, or like that man who expected a 1000 rs increase in his salary but found a job offering him 5000 more than his current salary. These people are aware of what their needs are unlike the man who has no clue of what his needs are and keep comparing what he had with what others had. Imagine the happiness factor in the lives of these people.

Being aware of what & how much makes you happy is the beginning of richness. And once you define it, you may realize you were already rich long back.