Crisis Mindset – Understanding choices through Covid19 phase!

Mindset 1 – The world is suffering, people are dying of Corona virus all across the globe and there is no cure yet, it’s a global lock down, people are confined to stay at their homes, no one can go out to work, to meet their friends and family, economy is down and recession worse than 2009 is on its way, stock market is crashing, there is fear & uncertainty everywhere. Would our jobs be safe? How long would it take for our businesses to get back to its normal operations and profits? Would this virus have a lasting affect to lead to something more severe? When will this end?

Mindset 2 – The world is going through a health crisis and that would have an impact on the economy too. But what is it that I can do to stay healthy, stable and prepared to face the uncertainties of life. I am blessed to have a life, to have a home where I can stay and protect myself from the virus, family & friends who love & care and who give me a strong reason to take good care of myself, I have food to eat, money to take care of my basic needs during this time. And what all is uncertain, is not something that will happen just to me. I am blessed to understand that the current situation too shall pass.

Is there anything wrong with the above two thoughts – they both are true. And they are the mindsets that people have during the current crisis situation. However, the fact is that –You have a choice.

Either you could chose to think of all that is going wrong & can go wrong, to which you have no scope of control because its global and you are just one person on this planet earth, feel impacted, fearful and frustrated and be more prone to the emotional and mental impacts that may last longer than the virus. Or you could chose a mindset of what is it that you could do or contribute to the current situation to ensure least damages. And that is to take responsibility of your own mindset, your own & your loved one’s life and stay in charge.

And this doesn’t mean that one had to be a positive thinker and ignore the reality but what is important is to be aware of the reality and focus on what you can contribute to make the situation better in your span of influence. You can’t change the world, but if every single person willingly takes the responsibility and ownership of their own lives, the world is sorted.

Change is inevitable and world is changing. And you have to go through it to get through it. And when everyone must go through it, why go through it with a mental & emotional suffering when you have a choice to just observe, experience and let it be. This is a life time experience, though a tough one but that’s what it is. Accept it and let it pass.

Be in the moment and be grateful for what you have, be creative to find ways to cherish this time wherever you are because this very moment will never come back again. Create memories with your loved ones as those would last till you last.

Respect and allow those people like doctors, nurses, police forces, cleaning staff to do their jobs and make it easier for them by taking your own responsibility and following the guidelines. They are doing so putting their own lives at stake and giving you a priority over their own loved ones.

It’s simple. You can’t avoid passing through the current phase that the whole world is going through. But how you pass through it, is a choice that you have.

Apply this to any life crisis that you may personally be going through as well. Chose your focus on what is it that you can do, identify what you can’t change and accept that as is, feel grateful for what you have and remember, whatever the situation may be at hand, that too shall pass. Stay strong, stay focused – chose the wise mindset.